My name is Susan Ma mbei Eno. Many people call me Susan because they can’t pronounce my name Mambei, but personally I love to be called Mambei. I have two brothers and I am the middle child, i am also named after my Dad (Mbei).  Growing up in a house full of boys, my mum always says it’s a wonder how i turned out to be such a girly girl . I love Jesus,  cooking, music and a good conversation. One of my biggest dreams is to write inspirational christian books .


                                                           with my two lovely brothers!!

   Blogging is the best way for me to combine my passion of writing and sharing Christ, so I am excited to share my thoughts and ideas with you. I will love to get your feedback so we can have good conversation, as well as your suggestions on what you will like to read.

Thank you for stopping by! Please follow my blog and be blessed!


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  1. Nya Charity Njeshi says:

    You have always been a beautiful and wonderful person Mambei. I delighted to find that you want to share the beauty and wonder God has so lavished on you with the rest of the world. What a great idea deary! I want to let you know that I am in. Hoping to have good conversations with you as you say.
    Love you, ChaNyarity.

    • mambei says:

      Aww charity! U got me teary eyed. Thankyou for your sweet words, and thankyou for stopping by. If we can all share our experiences with one another, hopefully it wil help us all in our christian race! You are such a beautiful person too dear and i look forward.

  2. Annie says:

    My beautiful sister inside and out.You have always been my best cousin from childhood and do u know why? Because , around you ere is no reason to be sad, you always have the right words to say in every situation(God’s gift to u).I love u so much , u can’t believe and I kno with you around my spiritual life especially is awakened. You have a hugeeeee impact on my life.I love this idea of urs , starting this blog.We’ll share our experiences on here.Thank God for technology, atleast I can still enjoy my sister from a distance lol.Love u my girly girl cousin. Mummy Lily is so right!! 🙂

    • mambei says:

      aww tabu, u know i’m the biggest cry baby. lol! you mean same to me and even more sis. your strength and resilience is just overwhelming. i can say the same thing about you too sis, never sad around you. You know how to make everything feel better. u’re so right this blog idea is amaze! we can write away. oh and u know why i’m such a girly girl? i have the sweetest sisters especially you. love u too tabu… we will grow in the Lord by His grace. All glory to Him!

  3. Ndolo Linonge says:

    Wonderful blog you got here Mambei! Its actually another source for mind renewal! May your biggest dream of writing inspirational Christian books come to pass in Jesus Name! I have no choice….Standing out!

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