Jeremiah chapter 1…. Jeremiah is always known as the weeping prophet, but today I learnt that he is also known as the “persevering prophet”. Living in an extremely difficult time, he devoted his life to working for God. As faithful as he was, he apparently had only 2 converts Baruch his scribe, and ebedmelech, an ethiopian eunuch. The people he preached to would eventually repent, but he did not live to see it. Lord please grant me perseverance and strength and stamina in this christian journey, that is a prayer I have been saying today for myself, and anyone reading this.

Hillsong has this song, Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders, let me walk upon the waters wherever You would call me, Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander, and my faith will be made stronger in the presence of my Savior. (here’s the song with lyrics below).
I pray we may learn a thing or two from Jeremiah’s story so that our own story will bless others. Let’s continue to STAND OUT!
Please feel free to leave a comment below as always. God bless you..


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  1. ristel binyet says:

    always felt lifted at any of your post day after days your bringing us deeper that’s great may God gives more keep on moving forward Miss U Ma!!!!!

  2. Mungwa says:

    Spirit lead me! Couldn’t ask for more through life. Where my trusts is without bounds! How we all need this to there out on His words. You always know the right lyrics and articles to put up, combining them u ur perculiar inspirational style.
    If there be only a soul as mine reached out to by ur blog, its all worth it. But don’t be mistaken, the multitudes are joining u in even by different forums!
    Keep the pasture green and the sheep will gather. Keep the posts coming! God bless u.

  3. Rene Fuanta says:

    the Holyghost will lead us in our pursuit of intimacy with God and we will soar on eagles wings. he is taking us to the rock that is higher than us….so we can do all things through Christ that strengtheneth us. God forever be praised!!!!!

    • Mungwa says:

      Oh Dr. Rene Fuanta, glad to meet u on this glorious platform for christian encouragement. How true He is raising us to heights on eagle’s wings. we sure are going places brother. Its an exciting life in Christ and i’m loving the ride. what could be better than this life of THE GOD-CLASS?

    • mambei says:

      amen rene! thanks so much for stopping by. sorry for my late reply. oh by the way we can do all things through Christ that strengthens us is my fav verse! i hope we can share much more truths together! God bless you!

      • jaymungwa says:

        i almost told Rene that was your favorite verse (that for sure i knew) but thought i should not speak for you. and truly, we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us! on verse come home to me is much like it. and I quote it always: “In your strength i can crush an army, with my God i can scale any wall” Ps 18:29 (New Living Translation)

  4. mungwa says:

    Greetings to a woman of valour. Stopped by today for its a new week. Song of the week! Sure many other things at your hand. But this end too is a waiting ear to listen, a hungry heart to be filled. May God grant you more and more of His love, HIs power and grace.
    God bless you.

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