It’s been so long… I visit my blog from time to time and words burn inside of my heart but I can’t bring myself to write it all. I remember how much healing reading and writing has brought me. it’s healing i can’t fully describe.Today I read this from a sister in Christ: “I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve had to start over with God. His grace is amazing”. It describes exactly how I am feeling about my spiritual journey. This journey of ups and downs can be very challenging and we can’t run it alone. That’s why I decided to blog in the first place. to talk about my spiritual journey and get feedback from other people running this tough race.There is a song singing inside my heart. It is a song reminding me I can always go to the Father. I can come as I am. Mistakes, and all. His arms are open wide… how are things going? it’s been so long I will love to hear from you all about life in Christ. I guess I can say I’m back… haha! oh! enjoy the song below..


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  1. sarahliblog says:

    So good to have you blogging again dear! My Spiritual journey has been one very special one I really cannot describe it but, It has sometimes been rough cause I cant seem to explain what is happening, what I am going through, trying to answer a number of questions but just can’t, at such times i am unable to find myself I feel like giving up but then the God of all comforts always shows up in His own way; either with a Word, a song, a blessing, love through another person or He could simply play a flashback of all I have been through and How He’s been with me or even make me recall a testimony….at that moment I am relieved and can walk up again. Other times, I am so so up, feeling great about the walk, so much zeal, power and passion, I really love those moments 🙂 and wish the walk could always be so but I think even the master said ‘in this world you shall have tribulations, but be of good cheer cause i have overcome the world’ so those down moments must come but we have to move on in faith knowing Jesus has overcome.

    As time goes on, I realise it’s not a journey based on feelings, pleasure or how well things are or not but it’s a walk of faith which is totally dependent on His grace. So what I do now is pray ‘God help me to hold on to you, to pray, to study your word, to love, to follow your path, to be a light, to be your rep here on Earth at all times and grant me as much grace as i need always’ and I live one day at a time….à suivre

    • mambei says:

      aww such sweet sharing sister. we do have a lot in common. sometimes i feel like I am on a roller coaster myself with the ups and downs. I think it took me a while to realise like you have, that feelings can be deceiving. May God help us!

  2. jaymungwa says:

    Thanks for this one. Come just as you are. Not with your head down but with boldness as Hebrews 4:16 commands us.
    “For if, when we were God’s enemies, we were reconciled to him through the death of his Son, how much more, having been reconciled, shall we be saved through his life” -Rom 5:10-11
    If He welcomed us while we were aliens, how much more now having been made members of His household. Just as you are!
    Welcome back mambei, I have been expecting you. I have my antennas raised to receive every post. And I pray God grants you the wisdom and grace to keep the pace with inspiring posts. And by His spirit bring more followers who will be blessed by these efforts. God bless you

  3. Lobga says:

    Welcome back miss!!!!
    It was high time. What can I say?! 2013 has been my year of achievement and revelation so far! I’m witnessing The Lord do wonders in my life. I think I’ve grown spiritually in the last 3 months and hoping to grow more. One thing I learnt was to overcome fear and anxiety and worry. And Mark 11:24 has been my fortress this year. I keep wondering why I had doubts or why anyone will
    Joined a prayer group and started paying tithes and it did grow into big blessings. It’s really been my most spiritually fulfilling year ever.
    I’m trying to work on my envangelism skills with help from the Spirit, so I can bring more workers to the Holy Farm.
    Keep the blogs coming

    • mambei says:

      lobga!! so amazing to hear about how the Lord is working wonders for you!! i’m so excited to hear this! praying that you continue to experience God on an even deeper level. can’t wait to hear more.. thanks for stopping by.

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