Okay I know what you are thinking… Father’s Day is long gone. I’m actually mad at myself that this is long overdue.To the greatest Father of all mankind, Where would we all be without your love? To all the fathers who subscribe to and read this blog, here’s to say happy father’s day! To the spiritual fathers and mentors, you do not get enough credit for the work you do behind the scenes, so this is to say that you make life so much better and easier and to my wonderful earthly father, this one is for you..

Dear Dad,

These days everyone says I have so many things in common with you. Is it any wonder? after all I am named after you. Every day is a father’s day for me because you are always in my thoughts. Distance may have kept us apart for so long, but I promise you my heart is always closest to you. If I marry a man who loves me as much as you do, then I would be one lucky lady! I am thankful for your heart of sacrifice and kindness towards others, but  especially for your devotion towards God. I don’t have to wonder how much God loves me, because you show me a little bit of that everyday!


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i love Jesus!

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  1. Anonymous says:


    As you were growing up I realized that you were gifted with great verbal skills and enormous artistic potential and I’m therefore not surprised by these inspirational writings.

    I can assure you that going through you blog made me experience some of my best moments since I seperated from you and the rest of the family close to two years ago. I can’t wait to meet you soon to encourage you to keep it up. More greese in your elbows darling.

    Your dad,

    Emmanuel ENO MBEI.

  2. mambei says:

    Dear Dad, i teared up when i read your comment! one of the greatest feelings in the world is to know that your father is proud of you. miss you and can’t wait to meet u soon by God’s grace. much much love….. You are the best father I could ever hope for. i’m so happy you love the blog! I have learned so much from you. Your mind and intelligence is incredible! love you..

  3. Astrid says:

    Omg Mambei,soo touching.This made me reminice our primary skul days,U havent changed.Stay the same

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