There is incredible power behind some quiet time. For the working mom and dad, it is a time when they can catch a breath, for the students, it is a time when they can forget about books, deadlines and relax, and for the christian believer it is a time when they can hear and receive from God. Everyone needs some Quiet Time. We get so busy in the service of God’s people , but it is important for us to remember that “doing things for God does not replace spending time with Him.” -Joyce Meyer.

I love a quality quiet time in the morning. My mama always said how you start your day will determine the outcome of your day. However, who said it has to be in the morning? There’s no rules, but morning sure has its advantages. It sets the tone for the day. i always say I am not a girl who is into all the how to’s and all because i believe it sometimes takes out the spontaneity and excitement of life, but here’s a few tips that might help spice up your Quiet Time with God.

Select a time that’s best suited for you.   After all, it’s your quiet time so why not give it your full attention? No need to rush, remember it’s time with the most important person in your life. Now need i remind you He is your creator after all? Now i’m not saying you must be very long either. That doesnt have to be your only time with God since he is omniscient .

Venue , Venue.  Now that’s key! There’s a reason it’s called quiet, free from noise. It doesn’t have to be anyplace fancy but if you can be by the beach, hey don’t let me stop you.( i wanna be like you, lol!)

Be Prepared.  You may want to bring your Bible, notebook and pen with you and any other thing you might need. Hey it’s your time, bring what you want! ( christian). I bring my music with me!

No Proper Procedure.  Spend time reading God’s word, meditating, Worshipping , but in no proper order. Feel free to worship how u want. sitting, standing, kneeling, as the Spirit leads. Don’t be monotonous or boring.

Personalize your Quiet Time.    Nowadays, many people use devotionals and other stuff during their Quiet Time, which I do incorporate in mine sometimes, i must say. But it’s important to take some time and reflect on how these stories and Bible readings affect you. How can they be applied into your life? One lil thing I will like to add, never let devotionals, christian literature replace your Bible reading. There is nothing as powerful as the word of God. Heaven and earth will pass away His word will remain.

Record.  Now i wanted to say write, but i have a friend who records her Quiet Times on tapes. Amazing right? Once i listened to one of them and was blown away. She will speak about what the Lord put in her heart and everything. Talk about a unique experience!

A two way Street.  Incorporating prayer into our Quiet Time is key! We must however, be silent enough to hear God speak to us through our Bible readings, and sometimes in the still soft whisperings of the Holy Spirit.

Share! When our parents taught us sharing, I’m sure they forgot to tell us it never stops! lol! I think it is important to share what we learn in our quiet time. we can’t be reservoirs. In sharing with others, we learn from them too!
 You are never too busy for Quiet Time with God.   Closet communion needs time for the revelation of God’s presence. It is vain to say, “I have too much work to do to find time.” You must find time or forfeit blessing. God knows how to save for you the time you sacredly keep for communion with Him. -A.T. Pierson

 Now in the Spirit of sharing will you kindly share the personal twists you give to your own quiet time? I would love to steal some ideas, i”m sure some of the readers would love it too!

Once again, God Bless You and if you are reading this, I am quite flattered! To God be the Glory!


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  1. Lois says:

    blessed by it, spending time with God in the closet is wonderful, it’s one of those times when the HS thru me speaks mysteries & in prayer i find myself speaking the word of God, quoting scripture that has to do with everythg, it’s another dimension i’ve experienced lately…be blessed

    • mambei says:

      wow amazing! i love hearing about your new exploits with God. i realise every time i miss a good QT, my day is very unstable. do u experience that as well?

  2. Tasha Bokes says:

    Well-written! It’s very essential to take a QT w God. In order to have a QT, we have to make the time for Him. We often allow ourselves to get caught up with our schedules, events and other stuff going on in our lives and fail to make that time. This has given me insight and will definitely help me. I’m blessed by it and may God bless you for this fine blog!

  3. renee ndome says:

    Amen! our quiet time is a time to sit and reflect on his love!!!, his care over our lives this is the time we come closer to God without bringing our worries of life, during this time we listen, we meditate we give thks to God in such moment. i believe all chidren of God should find a quiet time for u and ur God forget about ur worries and let God have his time with u and u with him God bless u ma

    • mambei says:

      amen my sister and woman of God. thankyou for your beautiful sharing. we thank God for the privilege to be called his children. like you said, we need to abandon all our worries! God help us!

  4. Annie says:

    Amen!QT is something,that when I incorporate in my daily life,I feel the HS manisfesting in me more than usual.Since I lived alone for two years my QT w God only grew more n more interesting n I always left e presence of God feeling nourished spritually.Now,I live with a family n my QT is not as regular as bfr n I miss it.But then,I don’t miss out on hvg a QT even at midnight wn everyone is asleep,just reflectg over many things n liftg up my voice worshipping n thanking God.Thanks for this post Ma,I know the importance of QT as a child of God n u’v made m rem never to deprive myself of my QT w God,cause ere is alot to grasp!:)

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  6. Glenda says:

    Ma this is lovely…… Only finding time to resd this now…… Wow….. Keep it up ok…… I am so proud of you…….

  7. Glenda says:

    Wow my Qt…… Love having it the am’sssss…. I believe thats when God speaks to me most….plus it prepares me for the challenges of the day……. Its very important for us to include it in our daily lives……..

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